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  • Godly Character Qualities
         by Jerry Strobel

  • Bible Studies
         by Joseph L Snurr, Sr.

  • Topical Studies
         by Joseph L Snurr, Sr.

  • The Facts About Abortion

  • Some Facts on ADHD


  • Angels Encamped
    About Me, Two!!

         by Joseph L Snurr, Sr.

  • Introduction

    This Manuscript is the revision of the book
    "Come On Now, Angels Aren't Really Encamped About Me,,, Are They?"

    by JL Snurr, Sr.

    "The angel of the LORD encampeth round
    about them that fear him, and delivereth
    them.  For he shall give his angels charge
    over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.
    They shall bear thee up in their hands,

    Psalm 34:7; 91:11,12


    Chapter One

    On The Highway - Two to Four Wheels
  • A Car, A Bus Or A Ditch?
  • Sliding Home...    Almost
  • On The Brink Of Disaster
  • The Two Wheel Scrape
  • It Wasn't A Joy Ride 'Til It Was Over
  • Blessing In A Drive Through
  • Mowing Grass On The Western Kentucky Parkway
  • What?!?  Push the car?!?   By myself?

  • Chapter Two

    Behind a Badge - But Under The Blood
  • When I Was Behind Bars
  • Freeing Those In Bonds
  • You're Fired!!! . . .  .  .  .  But Then Again...
  • This Job Is A Riot
  • The Old Secret Ingredient Game
  • I'll Take Two Grease Burgers Please!

  • Chapter Three

    God Does A Body Good
  • Ouch! That Hurt or This Ol' Body
  • Back On The Table
  • Correcting The Deviate
  • Child-like Faith Teaches Dad A Lesson
  • The Power Of The Prayer Of Faith
  • The Soothing Warmth of Dawn
  • Special Delivery
  • Command What?!?
  • What Was The Problem Again?

  • Chapter Four

    Other Sundry but Wonderful Things
  • The Lord's Gas Station
  • The Great Mechanic
  • My Meal Barrel
  • Prayer Cloths?  Fact or Fiction?
  • Angels Encamped About Us
  • Like Hand In Glove
  • Mama Goes Home
  • Don't Let That Light Flicker
  • Get The Devil Outta Here!
  • Chapter Five
    Weather or Not
  • I Don't Want A Twisted Sister
  • Every Cloud Has A . . . .    Tunnel?
  • Which Will It Be, Sun or Rain?
  • Pretty, Fluffy and White, but Extremely Dangerous
  • Breakin' A Buck Is Very Deer!
  • Where's My Skates?
  • A Stormy Personality;   With A Twist

  • Chapter Six

    Radically Humorous Stories
  • Squirrels 'n' Nutz
  • Washed Out Badges
  • Step Back Kids, I Have Gas
  • The Parable of the Terns
  • How to Clean the Cage of a Nine Foot Burmese Python
  • Friends
  • Growing Up
  • A Dead Service Comes to Life

  • Chapter Seven

    Even More Humorous Stories

  • A Hunting We Will Go!
  • The Big Silly Grin
  • Those Really Stinking Problems
  • PoPs and His Big Bass Fiddle
  • Leaving Town On A Rail
  • Hey Fluffy!  Who's That Over There?
  • Break Dancing Ozark Style
  • Milkin' His First Cow
  • Hey, Pappy, I broke an egg

  • Chapter Eight

    Who Acts Like A Devil?
  • Closing Summary

  • Biblical References and Quotes have
    been taken from the King James Bible.

    Copyright 1994/2002-2008 JL Snurr, Sr.

    Copyright First Printing 1995
    Copyright Second Printing 1996
    by: JL Snurr, Sr.
    by: JL Snurr, Sr.
    Copyright First Online Version 1998
    Copyright Second Online Version 2002-2003
    by: JL Snurr, Sr.
    by: JL Snurr, Sr.

    Originally Published by:
    Jots 'n' Tittles Ministries 72626-0505

    Presently Published by: Beth Shalom, Inc.
    Contact: Rev. J.L. Snurr, Sr.

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