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June 16, 2007 Pastor JL Snurr, Sr.


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  • Evil Websites?  Spam?  PopUps?

    Here's some help that we have tried and tested by us
    and we find find them helpful for the Christian Home

    There have been lots of movies and games (PS2, X-box, etc), that have come onto the market in the last decade or so.

    Do we really know which ones are good or detrimental to our children? Now we can find out.

    Since few people in the movie and game business is going to care about your child watching and playing their programs that exploit sin, please feel free to try these web sites that have a Christian oriented style of ratings.

    If you want a good program to allow you to protect your family from web sites that exploit sin?  Please feel free to try We-Blocker. We here are Beth Shalom have tried We-Blocker and find it a good source of protection from the evils one might find online.

    You won't be sorry.  Try it completely...

    Do you get those annoying PopUps that block the page you desire to view?  Try using PopUp Stopper . This has been tried and found quite good a stopping nearly all of the irritating popups that annoy you.  Again, this it totally FREE! Try it and you won't be sorry.

    To help stop those irritating SPAM eMails try using Spamihilator .  It's a simple, easy to use program that can help you keep some control of the unGodly eMails that we receive daily.   Spamihilator  has been tried by our offices and find it a good helpful program for the conscientious Christian, and it's  FREE!  Try it;  you won't be sorry.

    There are hundreds of spy programs (spyware) that download onto your computer with or without your permission and will spy on your files and can do things you don't WANT to have done inside your computer and it can get your mailing list and use the names for it's own spam. We here at Beth Shalom respect your privace and expect others to also respect OUR privacy.  We have found an excellent program at LavaSoft that is totally FREE! that will help protect you from the spies that will steal information from your computer.  This LavaSoft program will seek out, quarantine and shut down the spyware.

    For a good antivirus program, here's one that is decent. This AVG by Grisoft is absolutely FREE ! This little program has proven itself to me as a good stand alone program and also works well alongside other Anti-Virus programs.  I've used it with Norton and it has found virus' that Norton missed.  That speaks for itself.

  • AVG Anti-Virus
  • AVG Anti-Spyware
  • AVG Rootkit

    It is possible you may already have Spyware, Trojan horses or other Internet Security Breaches on your machine.  The ZoneAlarm program from Zone Labs will help:

  • Eliminate spyware that "phones home" user information
  • Remove key loggers that steal logins and passwords
  • Delete probe tools that look for vulnerabilities to exploit
  • Uncover over 60,000 types of destructive pests, adware and hacker tools.

    Do you get eMails forwarded to you that have all the ">>>>>>>>>>" marks in them?  Isn't that rather annoying?  Don't let your forwarded eMails look this way.  Make it easier for your friends to read your eMails by using eMailSTRIPPER , and it is absolutely FREE !
    Now you can show the kind courtesy of sending your eMails in an easy to read format instead of a cluttered mailing that is so difficult to read.  Do it by downloading and using FREE   eMailSTRIPPER.

    Now for protection from those tele-marketers who call you at the most inconvenient times.  They seem to call when we're in the shower, eating a meal with our families, spending time with our children and for what?  Only to tell us about some product or service which they think we need.

    Now we have the ability to STOP virtually all unwanted calls.  It will stop those calls from a long distance company, a carpet cleaning company, or an insurance company.

    NOTE: Now there's a new facet to this.  It's been said that cell phone numbers will soon be published.  That will open a whole new area for solicitors.  Though solicitors can only call a cell phone thorugh an opt-in manner, the possibilities are clear that the freedom can be abused.

    It is suggested that there's wisdom in registering your cell phone number on the "Do Not Call" list to stop the rendom calls from solicitors.

    To be sure your cell phone is listed in the "No Call" list, call 1-888-382-1222 or you can go to their website at

    Please see " Snopes' Urban Legends" report for full details on this.


    These FREE programs are brought to you because we at Beth Shalom care about you and your family and their safety.

    These programs are not the property of Beth Shalom nor does Beth Shalom or it's leadership receive any monetary or any other form of gain from mentioning them to you.

    We understand that these programs are owned by those individuals who operate the pages, or have obtained permission for use from the legal owners.

    We at Beth Shalom care about you and want your internet relations to be as free as possible from sinful, and evil things and to help you maintain Righteousness in your home.

    Pastor JL Snurr, Sr.

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